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What is Golf for me?

Much more than just a game – that’s for sure! It’s passion – it’s the drive to perfection – it’s the will to win – the will to improve each and every day. The desire to challenge the best of the best. But,  in the end – it is a game. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Every day is new and unexpected things can and will happen – that’s why I love Golf!

Even though people consider Golf an ‘individual’ sport, I regard my Team as the center piece of my approach to Golf. Yes – this is arguable, but Golf is a Team sport, consisting not only of my coaches and myself, but also of my supporters, fan and sponsors. My family and friends are a significant part of my approach because they provide me with strength, motivation and energy, which – as you all are aware – is crucial to perform.

Have fun visiting my website and come back to follow  my progress on Tour !





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